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  • Strong Ceramic Magnets

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    Strong Ceramic Magnets

    ​If you want to spin the magnets faster, set the close of the nail in an electric drill. It's possible to use magnets as a choice. Neodymium magnets are really dangerous if swallowed. Simultaneously they offer strong resistance to demagnetization process.Read More

  • Large Ceramic Ring Magnets

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    Large Ceramic Ring Magnets

    ​Magnet works for the life span of the cow! NdFeB magnets are vulnerable to corrosion. Sintered NdFeB permanent magnets are created with various steps.Read More

  • Ceramic Magnets Wholesale

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    Ceramic Magnets Wholesale

    ​If you're planning on stacking magnets for home usage, we suggest you be quite careful. It's indeed surprising how magnets can be used in daily life. Ring magnets are most regularly utilized in scientific experiments, although they have medical applications too.Read More

  • Ferrite Ceramic Magnets

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    Ferrite Ceramic Magnets

    ​As you can picture, ceramic magnets have come in many forms. Ceramic magnets are produced using powder technology procedures. They are also very good option for magnetic physical therapy even though more and more people are starting to use neodymium magnets for the purpose.Read More

  • Ceramic Round Magnets

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    Ceramic Round Magnets

    ​Neodymium magnets provide strong resistance to demagnetization practice. If you haven't ever handled neodymium magnets before, you will be amazed at their remarkable strength. Neodymium magnets are made from a brittle material. Magnetism ultimately originates from the motion...Read More

  • Large Ceramic Magnets

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    Large Ceramic Magnets

    ​Magnet works for the life span of the cow! Furthermore, the magnet that's prevalently utilized in the current era is electromagnet, which is developed with the consequence of electricity and has temporary magnetism. A magnet having small dimensions and a rounded shape is...Read More

  • Black Rubberised Magnetic Strip

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    Black Rubberised Magnetic Strip

    Black Rubberised Magnetic Strip is a flexible, elastic and twistable magnet made by bonding ferrite powder and synthetic rubber through extrusion, calendering, injection molding and other processes. It can be processed into strips, rolls, sheets and various complex shapes.Read More

  • Round Shape Ferrite Magnet

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    Round Shape Ferrite Magnet

    Round Shape Ferrite Magnets are definitely the most well-known kinds of magnets readily available today. Permanent magnets can be created in most any shape possible.Read More

  • Strong Magnetic Strips

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    Strong Magnetic Strips

    The strong magnetic strips are usually found at the rear of the credit or the debit cards. They can also be placed along the length of the collar. The neodymium magnetic strip was created for indoor use.Read More

  • Adhesive Magnetic Sheets

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    Adhesive Magnetic Sheets

    Adhesive Magnetic Sheet is the ideal remedy to semi permanent advertising applications. 1 12x24 sheet can be cut into four parts of 6x12, therefore it may be the most cost effective alternative for a lot of people.Read More

  • Magnetic Sheets

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    Magnetic Sheets

    Adhesive Magnetic Sheets series is one of the bonded ferrite powder and synthetic rubber compound by extrusion, calendering, injection molding and other processes and made of a flexible, resilient and can twist magnet.Read More

  • Tile Shape Ferrite Magnet

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    Tile Shape Ferrite Magnet

    Tile Shape Ferrite Magnet is mainly used in permanent magnet DC motors.Read More

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