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strong magnetic strips

  • Magnetic Adhesive Tape

    Contact NowMagnetic Adhesive TapeThe correct transformer will be essential. Refrigerator magnets are an easy and well-received favor. Flat fridge magnets is a sort of soft magnetic item, it has rather soft surface which won't hurt the surface of refrigerator.Read More

  • Magnetic Sheets

    Contact NowMagnetic SheetsAdhesive Magnetic Sheets series is one of the bonded ferrite powder and synthetic rubber compound by extrusion, calendering, injection molding and other processes and made of a flexible, resilient and can twist magnet.Read More

  • Strong Magnetic Strips

    Contact NowStrong Magnetic StripsThe strong magnetic strips are usually found at the rear of the credit or the debit cards. They can also be placed along the length of the collar. The neodymium magnetic strip was created for indoor use.Read More

  • Custom Rubber Magnets

    Contact NowCustom Rubber MagnetsMagnets have tremendous applications in our everyday lives and in several industries. For these activities, you will require many different magnets and other supplies. As a consequence the magnet won't emit any external magnetic fields. Magnets are rarely used by itself and a number of our clients do not like assembling magnets, thus we provide a full array of rubber magnet assembly choices. Flexible magnets are the same manner. Of course, they don't have to be very strong to just hold themselves on the back of your car. No, not if you would like the flexible magnet to do the job.Read More

  • High Energy Sticky Back Magnetic Tape

    Contact NowHigh Energy Sticky Back Magnetic TapeHigh Energy Sticky Back Magnetic Tapes are extremely versatile and can readily be applied to different applications. These magnetic strips include indoor adhesive which means they are designed for indoor use.Read More

  • Adhesive Magnetic Sheets

    Contact NowAdhesive Magnetic SheetsAdhesive Magnetic Sheet is the ideal remedy to semi permanent advertising applications. 1 12x24 sheet can be cut into four parts of 6x12, therefore it may be the most cost effective alternative for a lot of people.Read More

  • Rubber Coated Magnets

    Contact NowRubber Coated MagnetsA standard strength magnet is sufficiently strong to hold a single bit of paper to the refrigerator. If you select our magnets we can supply you the fomal report parameter and a few ingredients statement of rubber magnet . You can get the pot magnets customized to coincide with your specifications and applications. The pot magnets arrive in five unique forms. Internal threaded stud pot magnets are the widely used types to look after the doors from closing all of the way for any reason.Read More

  • Adhesive Magnetic Strips

    Contact NowAdhesive Magnetic StripsLearn more by shopping online for the form of adhesive magnetic strip you want. Flexible adhesive magnets strips are employed in a huge variety of applications and products.Read More

  • Self Adhesive Magnets

    Contact NowSelf Adhesive Magnets​You want to attach a magnet to some other surface using adhesive tape. Whenever you do find the magnet you require, in the proper dimensions, you then discover they are only available in multiples of 10 or even 25, no use once you just need 1 or 2 to earn a cache stick to the peak of a radio mast or under the center of a suspension bridge (less extreme places can likewise be used). If I understand your objective clearly, you prefer to attach a magnet to a single surface utilizing adhesive tape. A massive magnet may also disturb heart pacemakers. You may pump out adorable magnets as fast as you can cut.Read More

  • Flexible Magnetic Strip

    Contact NowFlexible Magnetic StripThe strong magnetic strips are made of rubber magnet powder (SrO6, Fe2O3), chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) and other additives (EBSO, DOP), etc., by extrusion and calendering.Read More

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