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What Are The Primary Uses Of Ferrite Magnet Materials?

Ferrite Ferrite Magnet and permanent ferrite.

Soft Ferrite Magnet

(Mn-Fe-Fe · Fe 2 O 4), manganese-magnesium-zinc ferrite (Mn-Mg-Zn · Fe 2 O), and the like Single-component or multi-component ferrite. The resistivity is much greater than that of the metallic magnetic material, and there is a higher dielectric function of the permanent magnet ferrite, thus exhibiting ferritic and ferroelectrics as well as ferromagnetic and piezoelectric ferrite. Has a much higher magnetic permeability than metal magnetic materials (including iron-nickel alloy, aluminosilicate alloy) at high frequencies and is suitable for operation at several milliseconds to hundreds of megahertz frequencies. Processing ferrite attributed to the general ceramic technology, so the technology is simple, and save a lot of precious metals, low cost. Ferrite full magnetic flux density Bs low, generally only iron 1/3 ~ 1/5. The low magnetic energy stored in the unit volume of Ferrite Magnet limits its use in the field of low frequency, strong electric and high power applications where higher magnetic energy density is required. It is more suitable for high-frequency low-power, weak occasions in the use. The nickel-zinc Ferrite Magnet can be used as an antenna magnet and an intermediate frequency transformer core in a radio. The MnZn ferrite can be used as a line output transformer core in a television receiver. In addition, the soft ferrite is also used in the communication line of the sensor and the filter core. These years are also used as high frequency magnetic recording transducers (heads).

Permanent ferrite

There are barium ferrite (BaO · 6Fe2O3) and strontium Ferrite Magnet (SrO · 6Fe2O3). High resistivity, attributed to the semiconductor type, so the eddy current loss is small, coercive force, can effectively use in the large air gap in the magnetic circuit, especially suitable for small generators and motors of permanent magnets. It is not rich in precious metals nickel, cobalt, raw materials from the rich, the technology is not messy, low cost, can replace the aluminum nickel cobalt permanent magnet. Its maximum magnetic energy product (B + H) m is low, and therefore, in the case of flat magnetic energy, it is larger than the volume of the metal magnet. It is poor temperature stability, texture is brittle, fragile, impatient impact sensation, should not be measured for the appearance and precision request of magnetic equipment. The Ferrite Magnet products are mainly anisotropic series. They can be used in the manufacture of permanent magnet incineration motor, permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet concentrator, permanent magnetic crane, magnetic bearings, magnetic separator, speakers, microwave equipment, magnetic tablets, hearing aids.

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