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Study On High Temperature Demagnetization Of NdFeB Magnet

NdFeB Magnet High Temperature Demagnetization Problem is well known from the combination of cost and performance of NdFeB magnet, making them popular with the choice of traditional magnets and creating new product applications where the existing strength increases dramatically , Allowing the use of a smaller magnet, advantageously most of the design.

Neodymium-iron-boron magnets need to be careful at high temperatures because the NdFeB magnet are prone to demagnetization at high temperatures. Here we will work with you to explore the NdFeB magnet high temperature demagnetization problem.

As the NdFeB magnet in the high content of NdFeA, they are also easy to oxidation, so to meet these conditions of various coatings, depending on the NdFeB magnet operating environment.

Standard configuration: In general, NdFeB magnet are divided into two main columns: CDs and blocks.

The strength of these magnets, need to be handled with caution, small magnets to attract, from the distance and large magnets, can cause pain, and even damage can break.

The new disc is called a "disc", which is usually marked by the diameter of the first cylinder of the height of the magnet, usually the tall cylindrical diameter. The new line is called the block is a rectangular or square cross section with a variety of thickness options, rare earth samarium cobalt neodymium boron (neodymium iron boron) is an alternative, as samarium cobalt magnet can withstand higher temperatures, more resistant to corrosion, and neodymium Iron boron comparable. Smectite than NdFeB, the market price sensitivity is more expensive. SmCo is used in computer disk drives, sensors, traveling wave tubes, linear actuators, satellite systems and some motors.

Common applications: satellite systems - linear actuators - computer CD-ROM drives - sensors - cars (temporary stability is critical).

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