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Point 1: the company is mainly engaged in ND-Fe-b permanent magnetic materials and other research and development and production of new type permanent magnetic materials, rare earth Neodymium-Iron-Boron and total capacity of 13500 tonnes, sintered ND-Fe-b to 12000 tons, the world's second-largest, internal first. Products and raw materials covering communications, consumer electronics, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection and other fields, and high-end product revenue up to 60% per cent. We have Meg and NEOMAX Quentin magnetic NdFeB magnet patent license, product "NEOMAX" trademark are exported around the world.
Point 2: bonded ND-Fe-b technology unique: subsidiary Shanghai Epson device companies specializing in bonded ND-Fe-b research and preparation, with sophisticated processing techniques and technology. Extrusion forming bond ND Iron Boron for global first launched and is only manufacturer, the class bond magnet has excellent characteristics, can continuous extrusion forming makes magnet extended degrees direction of size, and performance almost no deviation; magnet can processing growth to 1 meters above, and a mold can adapted different length products; and compression forming magnet compared pore rate low, resistance corrosion sex good; and injection forming magnet compared resin content lower, products has more high magnetic performance.

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