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NdFeB Magnet Continue To Enlarge The Application Space

VCM, mobile phones, consumer electronics for the traditional demand for NdFeB Magnet market. Among them, only TDK a, its NdFeB annual demand is close to 4,000 tons. As the world's largest mobile phone production base, the domestic mobile phone demand for high-performance NdFeB was steadily rising trend.

2010 domestic mobile phone production of 988 million, corresponding to high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet material demand of about 2,500 tons. Including DVD players and optical drives, consumer electronics on the high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet materials, the annual demand is more than 1,500 tons.

NdFeB magnet are widely used in mobile phones, PC, audio and other electronic information in the traditional areas, in the new energy, energy saving and environmental protection areas and other new areas are also developed by leaps and bounds. In the "energy saving, emission reduction" background, wind power, new energy vehicles and energy-saving appliances and other industries of rapid development, but also directly pull the demand for NdFeB products.

As an important part of magnetic materials, NdFeB magnet have high magnetic energy product, high coercivity, high remanence and other characteristics, has become a high-end magnetic materials mainstream products.

China's high-performance NdFeB magnet permanent magnet materials for nearly a decade, showed a rapid growth trend. In terms of global proportions, China has surpassed 80% of the world's total output and 60% of its output. Europe and the United States, whether from the output or output point of view, are only 1% -2%. Japan as China's largest exporter of rare earth, based on China's rare earth policy of a substantial adjustment, which will accelerate the transfer of rare earth downstream production capacity to China. Coupled with the formulation patent in 2014, one after another, China's rare earth materials industry, especially the rapid development of high-end rare earth industry will be an inevitable trend.

NdFeB cost structure includes material costs, energy costs and a small amount of labor costs. Among them, the material cost of the overall cost of the proportion of 70% -80%.

In the composition of the cost of materials, including neodymium, praseodymium neodymium, dysprosium and other rare earth metals or rare earth alloys accounted for more than 90% of the proportion. With the rising price of rare earth, the impact of NdFeB magnet has become increasingly prominent.

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