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NdFeB Magnet Are Widely Used In The Tool Industry

Permanent magnet lifting device: permanent magnet sucker is the use of magnetic continuity principle and the magnetic field of the superposition of the principle of design, permanent magnet sucker magnetic circuit designed to multiple magnetic system, through the relative movement of the magnetic system to achieve the working magnetic pole The strength of the magnetic field of the addition or cancellation, so as to achieve the purpose of suction and unloading; mechanical plants, mold factories, forging plants, steel mills, shipyards and so on the use of steel places necessary handling tools can greatly improve the block , Cylindrical, plate, irregular magnetic steel material handling efficiency. Permanent magnet sucker is a high-performance rare earth material NdFeB as the core, through the hand pull the suction cup handle rotation, thus changing the sucker internal NdFeB magnet magnetic system, to the need to carry the workpiece to hold or release.

Electric, pneumatic strong magnetic sleeve: the purpose of adsorption, magnetic sleeve magnet installed in the hexagonal (octagonal, twelve angle, etc.) at the bottom of the use of adsorption screws, when the screws in the sleeve, the easy to fall off, the use of When you use the free to change the angle, you can save a lot of time to improve work efficiency and cost savings.

Four-in-one safety life-saving hammer: it in the magnet, life-saving hammer, torch, tool, etc. combined as a whole, the installation of powerful magnets can be free to move the storage or use of the location, the use of very convenient and safe.

NdFeB magnet in addition to the above adsorption, as well as for the limited use of space in the region of the screwdriver sucker, etc., can be made into a screwdriver as small, adjustable length, adsorption of iron. Impurities, such as deep ditch, corner gap, Base, organize each corner, or in human skin can not be used in contact.

NdFeB magnet in the industry and life, have played a role can not be ignored, reduce costs and safety incidents, improve work efficiency.

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