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ND-Fe-b Opportunity | Deputies Recommended Promoting Electric Bicycles Domestic Demand

Industry news, Fu Qiping representatives submitted to the CPPCC proposal a few days ago, in his view, China's electric bicycle industry has been the national standard GB17761-1999 of the General technical specifications for electric bicycles, such as limiting maximum speed is not more than 20km/h, vehicle weight is less than 40kg, motor power is not more than 240W, these core specification cannot meet the actual needs of our urban and rural consumers.
Why do you say that? Proposed further explanation from specifications of electric vehicles on the market, most of the car from the weight, speed, largely exceeded the State. Meanwhile, brake, flame retardant, fire retardant, insulation and other safety specification, are far behind the market and regulatory requirements. Compared with the developed technical standards for electric bikes, speed index lagged, vehicle weight indicator is extremely unreasonable, is not conducive to international markets. If you follow this standard law enforcement, China's roads electric bicycles 95% more than "standard".

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