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Japan Successfully Developed The World's Smallest Magnetic Particles

According to the journal industry news reported on October 7, the University of Tokyo Department of Science Studies University the research group led by Professor Shen announced on October 6, developed the world's smallest Nano (nm)-level hard ferrite. Formation of iron oxide magnetic particles and low cost, mass production, mass that can be used to make storing large data tape and printer color powder. The results have been published in the United Kingdom the electronic version of the journal Science.
Successful development of magnetic particles are called "ε-type iron oxide nanoparticles", for 5-40 Nano-particle size, the study group in synthesis technology of particle systems while also has verified more than 7.5 nm of magnetic particles "ferromagnetic phase transition" attribute. Typically, large capacity magnetic storage media such as tapes and hard drives need 3000 OST (Oe) above the magnetic force, newly developed 8 magnetic Nano-magnetic particles up to 5000 Oster, fully used for ultra-high density magnetic recording media. Nano-ferrite with spontaneous polarization characteristics, a minimum number of iron ferrite particles.

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