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How Is NdFeB Magnet Produced?

Maybe you are questioning how the NdFeB magnet are produced? Produce NdFeB magnet need to use what machine? What processing equipment? How long does it take to produce a batch of NdFeB? Xiaobian below for you to introduce.

How does NdFeB magnet produce?

NdFeB magnet are mainly produced by slicing machine slices.

NdFeB magnet are purchased back and then processed according to the size of each customer's needs. However, the production and processing equipment of NdFeB magnet is relatively simple and single, the production and processing of NdFeB magnet Can only knife a knife cutting slowly, and a size cut to complete, have to re-sticky material re-layout cutting, which makes NdFeB strong magnet production efficiency seriously damaged.

After years of exploration, NdFeB magnet production slicer for a number of improved, multi-line cutting slicer developed successfully, whether it is red production efficiency or from the processing technology are greatly improved, before each good a size It is necessary to re-paste the re-layout cutting, and multi-line cutting to avoid the occurrence of this problem.

What is the difference between the multi-chip slicer and the ordinary slicer?

Two sample vertical stop bits (upper and lower)

Five slices of mode: single, continuous, step, half knife, programming.

The slice speed is automatically adjusted according to the slice thickness.

Repair block function can be closed. In the automatic state, the parameters of the block automatically adjust the manual state, the parameters of the block can be programmed to determine.

Slice thickness and repair block thickness can be independently selected and stored.

The visual and audible signals indicate the limits of the forward and backward retraction and the remaining injections

The slicing machine is a thin and uniform tissue of the machine, the organization with hard cast iron or pig iron support, each time by slicing thickness automatically forward (to the direction of the knife) to promote the required distance to achieve control NdFeB magnet The dimensional accuracy of the thickness is usually 1 micron. When the paraffin-embedded tissue is cut, a plurality of slices are formed by sticking to the wax side of the preceding slice.

NdFeB magnet manufacturing process:

NdFeB production using powder metallurgy process


Ingredients → Melting Ingredients → Pulverizing → Pressing → Sintering Tempering → Magnetic Testing → Grinding → Cutting and Cutting → Electroplating → Finished Products.

Finished product cut to become the finished product plating process:

Picking - sticking - cutting - black film inspection - cooking - receiving - polishing - plating - white film inspection - finished products.

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