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How Do You Magnetize NdFeB Magnet?

We all know that the use of NdFeB magnet after a period of time, the magnetic will become weak, can not be replaced when the NdFeB magnet can be magnetized to the magnetic block, then how do you operate it?

Ordinary commonly used NdFeB magnet, whether round, square or shaped products are generally thick magnetic, also known as axial magnetization. Other less commonly used magnetization methods are axial multi-stage charge, radial magnetization, internal circular magnetization, radiation and so on. General magnetization can be completed using a magnetizing machine, but some special multi-pole charge need to make a magnetizing fixture to meet the use of magnetizing machine to complete the magnetization, we can determine the direction of magnetization according to specific circumstances.

NdFeB magnetic materials, as the latest results of the development of rare earth permanent magnetic materials, because of its excellent magnetic properties and is known as "magnetic king". NdFeB magnetic material is neodymium, iron oxide and other alloys. Also known as magnet steel. NdFeB has a very high energy product and the force, while the advantages of high energy density NdFeB permanent magnet materials in modern industrial and electronic technology has been widely used, so that instrumentation, electro-acoustic motor, magnetic magnetization It is possible to miniaturize, reduce, and reduce the size of the apparatus. NdFeB has the advantages of high cost performance and good mechanical properties. The disadvantage is that the Curie temperature is low, the temperature characteristics are poor, and it is easy to be pulverized and corroded. It must be improved by adjusting its chemical composition and adopting the surface treatment method , In order to achieve the practical application requirements.

NdFeB permanent magnet material is based on the intermetallic compound RE2FE14B based permanent magnet material. The main components of rare earth (Re), iron (Fe), boron (B). (R), aluminum (Al) and other metal parts of the alternative, boron content is small, but the use of rare earth ND in order to obtain different properties can be part of dysprosium (Dy), praseodymium (Pr) and other rare earth metals instead of iron But plays an important role in the formation of tetragonal crystalline intermetallic compounds, so that the compound has high saturation magnetization, high uniaxial anisotropy and high Curie temperature.

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