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Experts Say "amazing Rare Earth" Neodymium-Iron-Boron Project In Chongqing Is Expected To Put Into Production In June

On March 19, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, applied research and Development Bureau senior engineer Wang Ninghuan will visit Chongqing Technology Museum 51st "Science-Humanities Forum", together with the people talk about rare earths. Hundreds of parents coming to attend with their children.
Professor Wang Ninghuan in Chongqing Metro, for example, he said, Metro station marked "exit" signs such as "fluorescent" sign is basically spontaneous light rare earth materials. In addition, rare earth in medicine for the treatment of Burns, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, etc; in the ceramic glaze can be applied in glittering; applied in crop plant root development, increase chlorophyll content and photosynthetic rate; for wool processing, can make it more soft and smooth.

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