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Cutting Accuracy Of NdFeB Magnet

After all, NdFeB magnet have been the most traditional cutting equipment for the round slicer. For decades, the internal slicer has also developed from manual to fully automatic. But with the development of electronic products, the requirements of NdFeB magnet smaller and smaller, cutting accuracy is also getting higher and higher. In recent years, with the increase in labor costs, and the internal cutting machine cutting efficiency is low. NdFeB magnet industry cutting is also an urgent need for a high precision, high efficiency equipment to replace the slicer.

The emergence of multi-line cutting machine to solve this problem. Multi-line cutting machine is a new concept of new cutting equipment, referred to as wire saw. Through the high-speed reciprocating wire, the abrasive into the semiconductor processing area for grinding, the NdFeB magnet and other hard and brittle materials at the same time cut into hundreds of pieces of thin silver. Multi-line cutting machine with its high production efficiency and out of the film, in the large-diameter NdFeB magnet processing field has gradually replaced the trend of internal cutting machine.

Multi-wire cutting machine magnet cutting accuracy up to +/- 0.01mm, especially in the thin magnet has a great advantage.

My company plans in July this year will lead to multi-line cutting equipment, used to replace the traditional internal slicer.

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