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Analysis On The Resource Characteristics Of Imported NdFeB Magnet Waste

In recent years, some domestic regulatory authorities have found and seized a number of rare earth concentrates, rare earth ferroalloy, rare earth oxides and other nominal import import NdFeB Magnet fine magnetic waste. Since such wastes are not included in the catalog of wastes that are allowed to be imported in China, according to the Law on Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes and related regulations, NdFeB Magnet waste is not imported at present. NdFeB Magnet waste is worth the import and other issues remains to be further explored. From the perspective of resource utilization for a comprehensive analysis and discussion for the relevant management departments to improve China's import waste management policy to provide a reference. NdFeB Magnet material and its waste generation characteristics, NdFeB Magnet material Overview In many permanent magnetic materials, NdFeB permanent magnet material because of its high remanence, high coercivity, high magnetic energy and become permanent magnetic materials In the leader, was the king of permanent magnet. NdFeB permanent magnet material is the main component of rare earth, iron, boron, which is mainly rare earth metal neodymium, can also be part of dysprosium, praseodymium and other rare earth metal alternative, iron can also be cobalt, aluminum and other alternatives.

Industry after 20 years of development, NdFeB Magnet permanent magnet performance has been greatly improved, the output has a substantial increase. NdFeB Magnet waste production process NdFeB Magnet industrial production methods are mainly sintering method and bonding method two categories, because the sintered NdFeB Magnet production than the bonded NdFeB is much greater, therefore, sintered NdFeB Magnet production The process is the main source of waste.

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