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Tile Shape NdFeB Magnet

Product Details

Tile Shape NdFeB Magnet

Material: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron

Shape: Tile

Plating: Zn;Ni;Ni-Cu-Ni

Grade: N30-N42

Application: various generator and motor with high-torque and speed, and for holding, speaker and sensor.

NdFeB magnet is the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet. It has high remanence, high coercivity, high magnetic energy and high cost performance.  It is widely used in the equipment of aerospace, electronic electro-acoustic, instrumentation, craft ornaments, leather handbags, packing boxes, toys, medical technology and other devices requiring permanent magnetic field. 

It has mechanical processing performance and can be easy to be processed into a variety of shaps and sizes. Its working temperature can be up to 200 ℃. But because of its strong chemical activity, surface treatment is necessary. 

Zinc platingSuitable for the more harsh atmospheric environment and occasions which require a higher anti-corrosion
Nickel platingExposure to indoor atmospheres that may produce condensation and require long-term stability and long service life to ensure appearance and intrinsic performance
Gold platingApplicable to gold crafts, gifts and other occasions
ElectrophoresisSuitable for the more harsh atmospheric environment and occasions which require a higher anti-corrosion

We can produced by samples and drawings



2.Sample lead time:5-8days;

3.Delivery time: 15-18days after confirm order;

4.Ports:Shanghai or Ningbo;

5.Payment terms:Alipay we usually take;T/T,L/C or Western Union;

6.Service:we will do our best to serve you if we have the opportunity to cooperate with you;

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