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Sintered Cylindrical Neodymium Bar Magnets

Sintered Cylindrical Neodymium Bar Magnets

Dongyang Gelite Magnetic Industry Co.,Ltd.We can produced by samples or; any question please feel free to contact me,Sid always be here service on you.Thanks!

Product Details

Key Specifications:

Manufacturer neodymium magnets

1. Material: Nd-Fe-B

2. Shape: customized
3. Certificate: SGS

4. Powerful: Neodymium magnets (sintered NdFeB magnets) are more powerful than any other permanent magnet material in the market today

5. Wide product range: N35-N42

6. High performance: high intrinsic coercive force (up to 35KOe) and energy product (up to 55MGOe), the maximum working temperature is 230℃

7. Competitive price: very competitive price (lower than market average) due to mass production

8. Coating: all the neodymium magnets oxidize rapidly when exposed, so an anti-corrosive coating (usually electroplating) is used to extend their working life

9. Such as Ni, Zn

10. Quality: as to give good service, quality of each piece is guaranteed, every piece of magnets is tested by SGS Ref#CN09/20009

11. Caution: you should be extremely care install neodymium magnet, as they can easily pinch your fingers

12. Not for kids: NdFeB magnets are not suitable for children

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