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NdFeB Magnet

  • Big Strong Magnets

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    Big Strong Magnets

    ​A lot of people are looking for a means to separate the magnets via an outdated hard disk on account of the strong magnetic force among permanent magnets. Magnets should be saved in a dry and constant temperature atmosphere. For larger size magnets, plastic or cardboard...Read More

  • Thin Magnets For Crafts

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    Thin Magnets For Crafts

    ​Creating customized refrigerator magnets is a fast and practical craft undertaking. It's simple to obtain pre-made refrigerator magnets from nearly every retailer, but there are loads of crafty ideas using magnets that can enable you to create something a little more unique....Read More

  • Large Permanent Magnets

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    Large Permanent Magnets

    ​Neodymium magnets are extremely powerful, a lot more powerful than magnets most individuals are familiarized with and will need to be handled with the correct care. They are not suitable for small children to play with. All Neodymium magnets aren't created equal! They are...Read More

  • Large Ring Magnets

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    Large Ring Magnets

    ​Based on the program, the magnet can be configured in a lot of ways. As an example, SmCO magnet was proven to be less that 1% above a period of ten decades. Additionally, SmCo magnets are extremely corrosion resistant and generally, the surface does not need electroplating....Read More

  • Neodymium Magnets With Hole

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    Neodymium Magnets With Hole

    ​Neodymium magnets are perfect for indoors applications, they may be used in little places where a large clamping force is needed. Neodymium magnets provide a whole lot of strength in a little size, making them perfect when working with applications with size constraints. As...Read More

  • Strong Household Magnets

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    Strong Household Magnets

    ​There are lots of magnets in my personal home. They are a big part of our everyday lives. They are used in a variety of different ways. Due to their strength, even small magnets can be effective. All permanent magnets can be categorized into two principal types, which are...Read More

  • Little Circle Magnets

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    Little Circle Magnets

    ​ Now when you have everything cut out, you have to glue it on. Round Magnets can improve the functionality of your craft and professional projects They can be used to hang items to quite a few surfaces. Man-made magnets are created by processing metallic alloys to...Read More

  • Large Earth Magnets

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    Large Earth Magnets

    ​The several types of magnets and their uses vary in accordance with their composition and the field they produce. Eyelet magnets are appropriate for securely hanging up objects. It's sometimes difficult to know which magnet is suitable for you. You may never go wrong with...Read More

  • Small Magnets For Crafts

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    Small Magnets For Crafts

    ​Neodymium magnets aren't suited to smaller children to play with. They are used in various types of motors such as the. They are very strong permanent magnets. Neodymium magnets provide a good deal of strength in a little dimensions, making them perfect when working with...Read More

  • Neodymium Magnets Vs Normal Magnets

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    Neodymium Magnets Vs Normal Magnets

    ​There are several different kinds of magnets with a terrific number of levels of strength. They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Several magnets may be used for heavier loads which are too long for a single unit to deal with. Utilizing therapeutic magnets...Read More

  • Disc Shape NdFeB Magnet

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    Disc Shape NdFeB Magnet

    Disc Shape NdFeB Magnets are widely used in packaging, toys, gift crafts, fitness magnetrons, motors, micro-electric machines, computers, instruments, meters, motorcycles, cameras, watches, audio, home appliances, office automation, magnetic therapy and daily life.Read More

  • Block Shape NdFeB Magnet

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    Block Shape NdFeB Magnet

    Block Shape NdFeB Magnets have better mechanical properties than samarium cobalt magnets and AlNiCo magnets, making them easier to cut and drill and complex shape processing.Read More

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