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Yaskawa motor developed a Ferrite magnet motor for EV, free of neodymium


Yaskawa Electric announced on January 15, 2013, the company developed the neodymium do not use pure electric vehicle (EV) with the drive motor. New Motors by optimizing the magnet and motor magnetic core shapes and configurations to ensure and to use neodymium magnet motor for the same level of performance, and size controls in the same degree.

Develop products with embedded ferrite magnets in the rotor of IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) structure. By optimizing the magnet and an inner core shape improves torque characteristics, and has improved low-temperature demagnetization resistance properties, solving a nd facing the subject. Also through the use of section is the flat line of the rectangle increasing stator winding density, and rotor magnetic circuits is realized using neodymium magnet motors of the same degree of dimension. Through the use of a flat line, the stator winding conductors of rate increases is about 30%, and preparing for the manufacturing automation technology

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