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This is not three dimensional rare earth ferrite magnet motor!


"The Nikkei BP reports" in the "leaning Chinese", "out of re" voices, Japan new energy and industrial technology development organization (NEDO), from 2007 onwards, begins with a five-year plan to implement "the new generation of high-performance storage system technology development business", as a part of, not used in actively promoting the new generation of rare earth motor research and development. Currently advancing 7 projects, one of which is Associate Professor, Hokkaido University research and development of bamboo salt is "three-dimensional using ferrite magnet motor".
Hokkaido University Associate Professor Zhu Hong Shao "didn't think it would be so hard. However, finally using a magnetic 1 ferrite magnet for neodymium magnets only 10 per cent, the successful development of the equivalent power output of the motor ", said Zhu Shao, an associate professor at Hokkaido University.

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