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Magnet industry definition and classification


Magnet industry define how? Magnet elements iron, cobalt, nickel and other atoms, the internal structure of the atom is special, itself has a magnetic moment. Magnet industry definitions and classifications are described below. Magnet type: shape class Magnet: square magnet, and w shaped magnet, and shaped magnet, and cylindrical shaped magnet, and ring magnet, and round tablets magnet, and magnet magnet, and magnetic frame magnet, property class Magnet: SM cobalt magnet, and ND Iron Boron magnet, and ferrite magnet, and aluminum nickel cobalt magnet, and iron chrome cobalt magnet, industry class Magnet: magnetic component, and motor magnet, and rubber magnet, and strong magnet, and plastic magnetic and so on type. Magnets-permanent magnets and magnetic, permanent magnets are coupled with strong magnet, magnetic material the spin and electron angular momentum of fixed direction, soft magnetic is a power (which is also a plus magnetic methods) removed, current will slowly lose their magnetic soft iron.

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