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Ferrite magnets of ninggang intrinsic coercivity of 4.21kOe


Ningbo ninggang permanent magnetic materials co ferrite magnet motor, speaker, medical devices and sensor design and its elements as iron oxide, barium and strontium, coercivity of 1.57kOe to 4.21kOe, intrinsic coercivity of 1.76kOe to 4.21kOe.
The remanent magnetization of the magnet from 2KG to 4.3KG, in line with the standard SJ/T 10410-93. Maximum energy is available from 0.8MGOe 1.2MGOe (Y8T), 2.3MGOe to 2.8MGOe (Y20), 2.5MGOe to 3.0MGOe (Y22H), 2.5MGOe 3.2MGOe (Y23), 2.8MGOe to 3.5MGOe (Y25), 2.9MGOe to 3.5MGOe (Y26H), 3.1MGOe 3.7MGOe (Y27H), 3.3MGOe to 3.8MGOe (Y28), 3.4MGOe to 4.1MGOe (), 3.5MGOe to 4.0MGOe (Y30H-2), 3.8MGOe 4.2MGOe (Y32), 4MGOe to 4.4MGOe.

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